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The Steel Pan & Steel Bands should come back 100% for Brooklyn, NY. WI Labor Day Carnival 2021. Yes?

The Steel Drum or Steel Pan and Steel Bands should come back 100% for New York WI Labor Day Carnival 2021.  Reason why you might  ask?. The noise problem with the big sound systems in the carnival seems to becoming  problematic in NY. 

Replace the big sound systems with smaller sound systems and mostly Steel Bands. This will enhance the Caribbean culture, people, food & music and keep steel pan alive. 

By Brian Kool.

History of the Steel  Pan. 

Steel drums, also known as pans, are the only family of chromatic, acoustic instruments invented in the twentieth century. They hail from Trinidad, and their fascinating history is inextricably linked to the culture and resiliency of the Trinidadian people. 

Ellie Mannette, Winston “Spree” Simon, and Tony Williams are credited as pioneers of the steel drum, creating the 12 notes of the chromatic scale on a single pan. 

The steel drums have continued to evolve to this day. They are now the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago, having ascended from the most depressed areas of society to glamorous concert halls around the world. They truly are the voice of a diverse, multi-cultural people.


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